Gizmo # Scourge # Rei # Skittles

twitter(very active) Tumblr (rarely active) Mutuals discord Selfshipping discord

Minor !!
Has autism/aspergers (dxed) , GAD and schizoaffective
they/meow/he only
genderless / ulnabeled lesbian
from the uk/british
loves coding and old web!!! why i made this. to feel like an old geocities home page
i work on so many things , 2014-rave (link above) is one of them, theres also my story APD (a planet divided) , my gorillaz s/i's au , and just my art in general
i have big plans for 2014-rave !! but due to me getting too disctraced , forgetting and ofcourse . the school word , its very hard to do but itll be done eventually!


Gorillaz (Special interest!)
Old web and coding obv! also a special interest
SELFSHIPPING !! this keeps me alive oughh /hj , my f/o is p2 noodle from gorillaz !! specifically phase 2 due to ages , shes 13-15 which is closer to my age im hugely uncomfy with current bc shes 30 !! im a kid man !!
trad scene and emo !! ,, not the new stuff the amazing stuff from 2005-2014
Cats (not really an "interest" but god i love them I NEED ONEEEE)
music (mostly speedcore and old techno rave stuff like dj splash)
archives/archiving old web (when i see something p old i try my best to save most of the gifs i find incase stuff happens, i have all from mycatmaomao , one of my fav websites!, findable on 2014-rave)
im also good at photo editing (depends)/some graphic design(examplle: simple logos , twt layouts) hmu on discord if youre interested !! i also take art comissions for nitro! i have 1 slot open every month : Gizmo ⚢#4676

stuff for twitter , ignore if you are just looking around

DNI , aka get off my page !! shoo!!!

Basic dni
Pro-ship / noodle x band shipper (ace too unless youll tw)
exclus , radinclus
cishet and neurotypical (expecially male)
scourge (wc) kinnie


when talking, PLEASE . PLEASEEE dont say "how are you?" or anything like that i cant reply (i can but its VERY akward)
my GAD is terrible and i randomly have panic attacks / surges of anxiety , i post about these on main as a way to help and ask for comforts please DONT ignore these it makes it way worse
i have a da to scourge from warriors , not a kin i AM him dni if you kin me or are uncomfy